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Advantages of Mobile Billboard Advertising

When running a business, advertising can make or break your success. But with so many forms of advertising out there, how can you know which one will be most effective for your business?

One great option is mobile billboard advertising

97% of people are able to recall the ads from mobile billboard advertising compared to 58% of people remembering ads they saw online or on a smartphone. It’s also 2 times more effective than static billboards.

What else can mobile advertising do for your business?

With mobile billboard advertising, you’ll be able to reach a much larger audience. The cars, buses, cabs, or even bikes that your advertisement is on will be constantly moving around high traffic areas. This will expose many more people to your ad and your business.

You can cover an entire city and reach people you would never have with other types of advertising.

A good sound track or spruiking (to speak in public) about the product or service is so important

At Easy Voice Overs we know how to attract attention and get your message across loud, clear and concise. We can supply either raw voice tracks or completely produced tracks. We can also Copy Write the mobile billboards messages.


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