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The Elements

News, compelling characters, a strong sense of place and a thrilling story to name just four of the elements to good narration.

Good Story Telling

However, without a good story-telling narrator to tie them all together, the audio track to go with vision or a story can fall flat very quickly

A great narrator can help the listener and viewer lose themselves in a story, because, thanks to the power of their voice and acting talents they are able to conjure a mood, create a sense of place, evoke laughter, and bring the whole thing to life.

Inadequate Narration

More and more nowadays social media documentary news and segment makers along with many others are using computer generated voices. The turn-off factor with this is overwhelming. Computer generated voices or Text to Voice does not carry the same affect as a human voice. Text to voice always mispronounces words, does not interpret grammar, nor understand voice inflections and is far from being believable.

The Solution

Easy Voice Overs offer a very special service to Social Media Users and Documentary Makers. Our prices are affordable and our narrators are seasoned and professional and more than ready to narrate your work.


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